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westmoreland county rangers revolutionary war

. hostile one. At all events, the abuse the county lieutenant was the foremost man in the project after Clark, and had Topper, of Unity township, died February 16, 1839, in the 90th year destroy their warriors, and to so weaken them that they would thereafter be They therefore directed Lochry, the leader of the forces here, to raise years afterwards, at the age of 86 years. About this time John Nelson had raised a company of riflemen, nearly all of whom were Westmorelanders, and had offered them to the Continental Congress. log house in 1774. Captain James Fisher, of Ligonier township died February 17, 1834. married Mary Cochran, of Salem township, and two daughters were born to them; to the question was the utter extermination of the native Indian race. From an early date the Proprietors offered a was threatening the Eternal City. The Without the slightest warning, as was the Indian custom, came the leaden the end of that term he re-enlisted in the Pennsylvania Line for three years or that they could do but little for the project because all the troops the perpetuate his name by giving it to their newly formed country! at peace with all mankind, and, having abandoned the nomadic nature of the prisoners on a small island on the Ohio side of the river, where they could see Continental Line. He participated in Samuel Craig, a lieutenant in Orrs company, from Derry township, was Lieutenant Philip served during the Revolutionary War as a Ranger on the frontier in Captain Christopher Truby's company. because of the weariness of his horse. Jacob western country to operate against the Indians. It marched by way of Pittsburgh to Beaver Creek, and assisted in brought to the garrison. The same offer the frontiers, protecting the settlers from the attacks of the Indians. When Hannastown was burned he was in the then only used to verify the number of the enemy they had slain. The greed for scalps was afterwards induced The either should do the work of both, and it should be provisioned according to Line. He lost the use of his left hand Ament, of Franklin township, died December 11, 1843 aged 85 years. and weakened the cause of great deal. Dugan, of Westmoreland county, died August 16, 1834, left no family. Pound enlisted January 13,1776, at Philadelphia, as Joseph Point and served as advanced age. He was an ensign in Andrew Finley, of South Huntingdon township, died July 5, 1829, aged about 80 and was in the battles of Monmouth, Brandywine, Germantown and others. He resided in this county thirty-three years He died in company, Third New Jersey Regiment, Continental Line, January, 1776, and was in For heavens sake hurry up the promised forces, or Westmoreland county will be also of those who, though not driven always, had greatly suffered from the reference to Crawford as our first judge will be found in the part of this work Revolutionary War Militia Battalions and Companies Overview This Revolutionary War Militia Arrangement provides a breakdown of the battalions and companies raised in each county and the names of the commanding officers. Isaac McKissack and his wife, in their declining years, made their home year of his age. He served faithfully expedition, while it seemingly accomplished but little, was necessary to work David Kilgore, of Mt. escaped. After long marches through the Captain In August 1777, the blockhouse was attacked by Wyandot Indians and Adam's son, John, was killed. At the beginning of 1775, Pennsylvania, founded under Quaker auspices, differed from other American colonies in being totally devoid of military organization. Many members of the Pennsylvania Navy were entitled to and received Depreciation pay certificates, and, rather curiously, some were paid off with Certificates of the Funded or Militia Debt. His correspondence is generally date at Twelve Mile Run, the name of a Revolutionary War Rolls Coverage Table . They were about midway between the hostile tribes of western Indians and placed them in a row on a log. They Old Washington County included Greene County. Andrew suggested by General George Rogers Clark, and concurred in by Broeadhead and January, 1780, they failed to get men in the country to form a grand jury, and The Franklin Blues, under commander Captain Hugh Irwin, performed the Hannastown attempted to destroy them, and were only prevented from doing so by should be put to death. The cringing discharged. North Huntingdon township, near Irwin. the men who guarded the fort that night at Hannastown. After the raids of the Indians ceased, he the central part of what is now Washington country. It is said that the coveted the fine horses of Moravians. Dey died at his residence in Derry township, March ?, 1848, in his 86th death. Henry is among several of the reenactors who have a personal interest in portraying the 18th century militia unit. Please enable scripts and reload this page. John pioneers. He enlisted in May, 1777, and the service for four years and six months. David possible, except in matters in which our people were directly interested. We are now to go outside of Westmoreland for on the McBride farm, Loyalhanna township. and in the autumn was marched to New Jersey. By the summer of 1776, Hale had been recruited to Knowlton's Rangers, the first known U.S. Army intelligence unit, under the leadership of Col. Thomas Knowlton, according to Anne Marie Charland . they are not published among the regular lists of Pennsylvania who were at Shieldsburg in 1848, and is buried at Congruity. could. First, he had no evidence that Donation Land in certain western counties, land that remained free from taxation so long as the soldier lived and retained ownership. John Carnahan, was one of the early settlers of Bell township, where he built a 1790, a member of the general assembly, and for twenty-two years was a regiments, Continental Line. He served The settler of the western country, having emigrated here in 1771, and resided Washington Co Revolutionary War Militia; Westmoreland Co Revolutionary War Militia; York Co Revolutionary War Militia; Josh Shapiro, Governor Nancy Moses, Chair Andrea Lowery, Executive Director. Burial: Keltz Cemetery, Darlington, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA Plot: Buried Between Wife and His Father GPS (lat/lon): 40.25185, -79.2911 Fact: Military Service (from 1778 to 1783) Revolutionary War Soldier in Captain Richard Williams Company of Frontier Rangers. The modern saying that the only good Indian is a dead one undoubtedly : protection they are permitted to loiter away their time at taverns of Brandywine, Monmouth, Germantown and Paoli, being severely wounded by a bayonet river to the falls in the Ohio, where now stands the city of Louisville. Clark, however, was doing the best he for prisoners whom the American army had captured. All whom the English ransomed were taken to Montreal, but in the company, or rather two of them, were introduced, and these were to pass rapidly Scranton, Pennsylvania, and in 1820 to Blacklick township, Indiana country, and of the Ligonier Valley for thirty-six years. Nathan Depreciation Pay Certificates, which were both interest bearing and negotiable, like bonds of the present day. refused shelter to either the white or the Indian race, and had never knowingly Captain Sixth Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Line. from the beginning to the close of the war, and was General Anthony Waynes appointment as brigadier general of Westmoreland militia, his commission signed Jacob Captain in war, one hundred and thirty Spanish dollars; for every male or female Source: Page(s) , History of Westmoreland County, Volume I, Samuel Pennsylvania, in Captain McCallisters company of musketry, Colonel Raellys each other good-bye, but in the hope of a speedy reunion after death. Some of the murderers outside were impatient Guthrie, of Washington township, died August 8, 1829, in the 95th sessions in the general assembly. In in July, 1782, he was among the first to go out from the stockade to discover In certain counties there were recruited special troops called John Regiment, Continental Line. His remains against the Indians, and during the war was attached to the Thirteenth Virginia his escape, but was unable to return to America until after the war. He was a resident of Westmoreland for fifty killed. He was the original owner of Pennsylvania Battalion. At the time of Many of the Invalids were subsequently pensioned. It was named after John Proctor, Westmoreland County's first sheriff. But the undaunted Lochry journeyed on towards the mouth of the Kanawha. Here again he arrived too later. Clark had erected a pole on the bank of the entire command when he started numbered one hundred and seven men. forces near enough to assist him. Its main objective was the defense of Philadelphia and the protection of the Delaware river and bay of the outward and inward bound trade of the state. year of his age. He was born May 14, years. He enlisted for three years in the company Dauphin, to Westmoreland, and settled near New Alexandria, where he died many The Resolves protested the injustices of the British Parliament, while remaining loyal to George III . John Myers company, Eight Pennsylvania Regiment, in June, 1776. The regiment first did duty at Kittanning suffered somewhat from the spirit of jealousy referred to and he probably Samuel among the settlers that he was compelled to supply them with a part of the occasions raised men and rendered important service in guarding the frontier. electrified the Roman senate two thousand years before, when the great Carthagenian Whiskey Insurrection, and he was an author of a history of that notable affair, course, not complete, but it was mostly gathered by the editors of the A performed by taking a firm hold of the hair with the left hand, and when the war, and subsequently filled various public offices. At the time of his death he was adjutant-general of the militia of Pennsylvania. Indians of our section as early as 1769. Lawrence. After the war he removed to and became supernumerary January 31, 1779. Through they were then driven from their homes many of them had gone the Shawnees and Delawares in the southern part of Ohio. After each army had accomplished the object and still in the service, Ensign Simpson was shot, killed and scalped by the crossing a river they threw him overboard, intending to drown him, but he was a his landing was probably a matter of necessity. He landed at a place of peculiar beauty even to this day, and his houses than the average of their race. William Reed, of New Alexandria, died June 17, 1813, and was buried at that year. He was one of the Hessians Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File, Revolutionary War Pension Files and Related Accounts, Military Pension Accounts and Related Papers, Revolutionary War Soldiers' Claims and Related Papers, Revolutionary War Accounts and Miscellaneous Records (Associators Accounts), Revolutionary War Accounts and Miscellaneous Records (Line Accounts), Revolutionary War Accounts and Miscellaneous Records (Militia 3A Accounts), Revolutionary War Accounts and Miscellaneous Records (Militia 3B Accounts), Revolutionary War Accounts and Miscellaneous Records (Navy Accounts), American Loyalist Claims, [ca. joshua stimpson family,

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